About Oayssis Hair Salon


I have been a client at Oayssis since it's inception, 7 years ago.

For me it is always a pleasant experience to go to Oayssis as the Merlene and her staff is always professional, friendly and accommodating.

The one thing I really enjoy is that my appointments are always on time. Merlene is always very upfront and will have no problem asking whether someone else can assist me if she is busy with another client.

I have often just called on the spur of the moment, and she was always willing to accommodate me.

I will always refer my friends and acquaintances to Oayssis in order for them to experience the pleasant environment and the beautiful view.

Sharon - "If you want talent and experience this is the place for you. I've been going to a salon which I will not mention. Oayssis hair and beauty was referred. The stylist gave me a consultation and a colour and style that suits my profile i highly recommend them".

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